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100 Women Who Changed The World

September 2018's edition of BBC History Magazine presented the results of the '100 Women Who Changed The World' poll.
Here's the link to the list of 100, along with expert opinions and public reactions:

I am in the process of sorting out the displays for my classroom, to make it feel like mine again after returning from maternity leave, and thought this was a great thing to turn into a display for students to learn from, and also discuss the poll itself.

Using @missgeog92 's idea of the 'Hello, my name is...' badges, I put together the display. Linked below are both the PowerPoint and PDF version of the display (The font in 'Submarine Beach'- you won't need to download if you use the PDF, but can download or change the font on the ppt).

(Please excuse the rough edge on the board- need to order border roll on 1st September!)


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(photo from @MalCPD on Twitter)

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